Round Robin Pages

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Tuesdays are always full days for me.  It's the day I volunteer all day at our county health department, then get home, have dinner & do the clean-up, etc.  Then since Wednesday is recycle day, I finish bagging all the recyclables and load them into the car and take the dog for her last walk (at least I hope it's her last one ... if not, I'll be getting up at about 1:00 to take her out again) before getting ready for bed.  Somewhere in there is reading and responding to my email, which usually takes me quite awhile.  Anyhow, all of this is to excuse me from not adding to my Rafael drawing.

Instead, I'm posting the last 3 spreads in my round robin book.  The first one is by Tanya Peacock, and it's full of wonderful textures which, sadly, don't show up in the scan.  It even has a bit of braille on it - how cool is that?  The second one is by Pam Hartman.  What I love about this one is the fabric butterfly - it's very delicate, and the piece of lace.  It has interesting text relating to sewing, pattern pieces, and of course, the adorable ATC sized card on the right side.  And, last but certainly not least, is the spread by Candace Wareham.  Each book she worked in had small, hand made little fabric quilt block, embellished with the most wonderful things.  Mine has buttons, beads, charms, lace, beautiful fabrics and beautiful stitching.  It's simply exquisite.  What can I say?  I feel very blessed to have this special book and am so appreciative of all the effort each participant put in. 





Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!
oh these pages are fabulous!
thank you so much for saying hello today!
i just love your work!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful treasure! I can see why you love it.

arlene said...

OH MY.....these pages are absolutely wonderful! I wish I could see them for real! I especially like the last one with the buttons...I'm a sewer so it kinda tweeks my heart strings...
thanks for sharing

Timaree said...

I would never have guessed so much could be done with such a limited palette. Your book turned out super. I can see why you love it.

Everyone gets a day off now and then even from art!

Revelle Taillon said...

These are all so cool! Just beautiful.

Mary said...

What a wonderful book - very inspiring! I have made a few small books but so far have not done much about putting things on the pages. The round robin must be fun.