The Mayor's Wife

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Well, I've finally started portrait number 4, and it's the wife of  my sweetie's great grandfather.  Her name was Nellie Humes, and they had 9 children.  Their first child was a daughter named Mary, who was my sweetie's grandmother.  She married a man named Harry Cleveland Ryan, who died unexpectedly at a very young age.  When he died they had three children who  were very young when their father died.   Sweetie's mother, who was the middle child, was only 9 years old.  As a result, their grandfather assumed a major role in their lives.  There are many wonderful family stories about them that I love to hear.   Just as an aside, when our older son was in college, one of his professors talked about William B. Thompson in his capacity as mayor.  I asked him if he ever told the prof that he was his great, great, grandfather and he told me he didn't.  I probably wouldn't have either.  What would be the point?

So, anyhow, here's my beginning drawing.  I have quite a bit to do yet, but I thought I'd post it anyway.   Her left eye (on our right) definitely needs some work.