Sargent Series

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While the Tigers were busy losing to the Yankees (sob), I was busy copying another Sargent portrait.  This one is of Gabriel Faure, the composer.  I would dearly love to achieve the ease and looseness with which Sargent created these lovely portraits.  Maybe with about 100 years of practice I could come a bit closer.  But in the meantime, I must content myself with my humble approximations of his work.

So, without further adieu, here they are ... the Master first and then mine.

A Nose for Drawing

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Well, while the Tigers were busy Beating the Yankees (yea!!), I sat with a National Geographic Magazine and drew some noses.  Noses are very hard for me to draw, as you can tell by this crop.  Speaking of cropping, since I lost Photoshop with the installation of the new software, I can't do all the things I used to do that makes my drawings show up better, such as adjust the values and contrast.   I did find a free on-line photo editing site, but it doesn't do the job that does.  There's probably other ones out there, and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have for me.

Today while the Tigers play (and win again, I might add), I'm planning on starting another copy of a Sargent portrait.  I'll post it when I finish it, OK?

The Eyes Have It

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I decided to take a wee break from copying Sargent's portrait drawings and drew some eyes in one of my many, little, unfinished, sketchbooks.  I think I mentioned drawing eyes in a previous post, saying that my "models" came courtesy of Newsweek Magazine.  The models are perfect, they never complain, no matter how long it takes me, they remain very still, and they never even blink!  What could be better?

Today I just might draw some schnozzes to accompany them while I watch the Tigers play ball.... I sure hope they do better than they've been doing lately!

Another Sargent Portrait

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I spent a bit of time today doing another Sargent portrait.  This one was a really quick one (you'll be able to tell that right away by the quality!).  I'm determined to fill this sketchbook up with copies of portraits done by masters .... is Sargent considered a master?  Maybe not, but his work is masterful in my mind, so I guess for my purposes, he is.  As before, the original will be first, followed by my version.

After I did this one, I returned to another old, unfinished sketchbook, grabbed a Newsweek magazine, and started drawing eyes.  I might post them another time, after I've finished the page.

I'm having a devil of a time with my scanner.  We think it's because we installed new software on my computer.  Whatever it is, it's driving me Crazy!!!  I couldn't crop the one I drew, among other things....sigh ... at least I was able to get on here!!


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The Detroit Tigers lost a game yesterday due to a bad call by an ump (no really, the replay showed the call was Wrong!!).  Anyhow, while the game was on TV, I sat with a sketch pad that I've only used for copying the drawings of masters, a box of pencils, and a book entitled "Sargent Portrait Drawings, 42 Works by John Singer Sargent" by Trevor J. Fairbroher.  It was published by Dover.  These were the first drawings I've done in a long time, and it felt good to be back.  I only intended to do 1, but once I got started, it was so enjoyable that I just kept on going.

Once again my scanner wouldn't work, so my sweetie scanned them on his to a thumb drive, then took them to work to send to me in an email because our speed here is so slow.  I'm going to get me a new scanner, just you wait and see!

So anyway, here they are ... originals first  and then my copies.  Thanks so much for looking!

I have to say that it never ceases to amaze me how all the faults jump right out at me as soon as I post the pictures.   Of course, I could see a lot of them after I finished them, but many more presented themselves to me when I saw them on the screen.  That said, they were intended to be rather quick sketches.  Most of them took me about 20 minutes or so to do.    Maybe I'll pick one and spend more time on it .... but probably not! lol  p.s., for some reason while the pics are side by side on the "working" screen, in the published post they're all mixed up.  You won't have any trouble knowing the originals, though, I'm quite sure!

Easter Sunday

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Mark HillHappy Easter and Happy Spring to all!!  We had a wonderful Easter today because we celebrated it with our son, Andrew, his wife, Carrie, and her mom, Jackie whom we love dearly.  They're always a lot of fun to be with.  Along with all the fun and funny conversation, we watched the Tigers beat the Red Sox in the 11th inning ... it was a 3 game sweep .... Yea, Tigers!!!!   My sweetie grilled a butterflied leg of lamb as well as some fresh veggies which had been marinating in a spicy sauce, and we also had oven roasted potatoes, tossed salad, and an angel food caked layered with lemon filling.  There were also delicious appetizers of special cheeses and a very tasty, unique salami brought by the guests.  mmmmm.   Even Abby (our dog who thinks she's our daughter) had a special dinner of bratwurst mixed with her kibble, which didn't stop her from wanting some of ours, too.  (no such luck, though)

On another note, I recently got a wonderful gift in the mail that I've been eagerly awaiting from  Mark Hill.   He is a wonderful artist who does the most amazing work.  Among other things, he's been doing absolutely beautiful drawings on envelopes and mailing them to folks who ask for them.  Of course, I asked for one of them, and it came on Thursday or Friday (I've sort of lost track of the time).  If you go to his website (and I urge you to visit it), you'll be blown away by his work.  Here's a sample:

Is that cool, or what?  Thanks again, Mark!