One Step At A Time

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Yesterday I started another ink drawing.  This one is a drawing of pot pourri - something I've drawn before and which I find very interesting when I look at it closely.  I love the shapes, textures, and of course the lovely scent of it.  In finding my way back to .... I don't really know what to call it ... my art life?  my artistic side?  my muse?  Anyway, I think baby steps are in order.  I have sheets of watercolor paper stretched and ready to go (prepared a long time ago), but I find them too daunting right now.  Even collage, something I've found quite enjoyable in the past, seems like too much.  So, ink it is.  I'll finish this drawing - maybe not today, although I'll do more on it today and post it here, and then see where I am.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind, generous, and supportive comments.  It means a lot to me and is very helpful.


Vicki Holdwick said...

Good start, Nancy.

I'm pretty sure part of my New Year's resolution is not to post to the blog on the weekends.

It was taking over my life.

I'm doing art on the weekends, but will share during the week.


Unknown said...

These are nice textures Nancy! I fell greatly for you. I am starting over too! I was very ill by way of wrong medication. My head finally exploded- December 4th. I am blessed and recovering.
I am sure you will recover too! Step by small Step.
Circle of His Healing Angels to us all in need.
Sherrie Roberts

Janet Ghio said...

Wow--the time out you took gave you time to rejuvenate and look st this drawing! It is fabulous!!

Socrates said...

What an amazing drawing. It looks just awesome. I want to draw like that when I grow up.

Jacqueline said...

Nancy......I "LOVE" it!!! What a fantastic start! Keep us posted about your progress. It's going to be cool to see how it looks when you finish!

(((((Love and Hugs))))))

Gina said...

Beautiful work!

Timaree said...

Very nice Nancy. Ink is simple yet vibrant. A good choice for drawing when painting is too much for you. I have to get brave and dive in with ink. I always revert to pencil and it's not dark enough to make a good picture for me. I'll enjoy seeing it when its finished.

Lisa said...

Great Job Nancy! i have always loved pen and ink but limited myself to architectural drawings. You know, the straight lines using a ruler, lol. I've always admired pen and ink, then watercolored. Looking forward to seeing more.

Tina Johnston said...


You are fantastic! This is a great drawing and a very good start to get yourself back into artwork.

Look at all the support you have.


Lois0607 said...

Thanks for commenting on my painting. I really appreciate it.

You really havea wonderful blog and your pen and ink drawings are beautiful. I'll definitely be back - and I am now a follower.

Lois0607 said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment with great encouragement. I very much appreciate it.
I love your blog and your work - I am even a follower now.

Anonymous said...

boyohboy, when I start timidly back into something, it's always in pencil...timid...and you start with pen and ink! and beautifully too. Smell the pot-pourri :)

Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

perhaps inking is your niche....looks great this piece!!!