And The Winner Is.......

7/24/2009 05:05:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
Before I announce the winner of the box of goodies, I have to explain something. You may have noticed that I deleted one of the comments after I posted it. I did that because I inadvertently posted the same comment twice. I just discovered my mistake today ... good thing, too, since today is the day of the random drawing! OK, (can you hear the drum roll?) the winner is Arlene from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada!! Congratulations Arlene. Please email me your address by Sunday night, and I'll get your box off to you ASAP!! There will be other give-away posts in the future, so please do keep dropping in.
One of the freebies I'm planning on doing (as soon as I learn how) is posting pictures of old cabinet cards for you to download and use. I have quite a few of them - some family members that nobody in the family knows who they are, and lots of ones I've bought over the years. I have lots of other ephemera I'd love to share with you!

Thanks again to everyone who visits, and special thanks to those who leave comments. I appreciate each and every one! Here's one last look at the ephemera and trinkets Arlene won .... maybe next time it will be you!


Alex said...

A big congratulations to Pat! :) And I like the quick sketch a lot... it's like random lines making sense when they're all cluttered together, it's just so artistic!
Oh yeah, your friend makes awesome and cute looking dolls.