Mica Magic Landscape

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Today I finished painting a landscape (8.5 x 6.5) using the Mica Magic paints. I did a similar painting not very long ago on an ATC using traditional watercolor, and I have to say the mica added an interesting dimension to it. I'm still not very good at adjusting colors on the computer, so they are off by quite a bit in the photo. For example, the reflections in the water actually have green and gold in them, and the trees are a variety of rich greens. The more I use this paint, the more I learn about it and the more I like it. I haven't used watercolors in quite awhile, other than the ATC, but I have to say, I've really been enjoying painting again! I think I just might start another painting soon!


Carol O said...

Very pretty and peaceful

Alex said...

Awesome painting! It simply looks so real and gives a very nice and pleasant feeling. :)

Laura Kay said...

Look great. I can imagine the shimmer from the mica.

Chris Hack said...


i love your work. so beautiful. and this painting is lovely. and thank you so much for your advise on my last post on my blog. replied on the comments on that but wanted to reply to everyone who was so kind in person too. really appreciate it. added your blog link to my blogroll.

thanks again