Color Weaving Template

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I've been asked to post the template I made for the Mica Magic color weavings. Since each weaving had 10 colors in it, my template had 10 sections and I decided to make each one 1/2 inch square. I used watercolor paper because of its sturdiness. First I drew a square the right size, then added about 1/2 inch to each side making space to put each color. After I got it drawn, I made lines 1/2 inch apart both horizontally and vertically. Then I cut the large center square out and cut it out around the outside perimeter, leaving a frame with guide marks to use when setting up the grid for the actual paintings. That way I didn't have to measure it out each time - I could just line up a ruler with the marks on opposite sides and draw the lines. To use it, I placed it on the watercolor paper that I would be painting on and traced around the inside square and around the perimeter of the frame (forget about that wide margin on the right side in the picture - just pretend it's only 1/2 inch wide!) Then, without moving the template, I used a ruler to draw the lines across and down the center square. After removing the template, the lines will have to be extended into the "frame space" so that there are delineations for each "pure" color" There is a notch in the upper left corner because that square won't have any paint in it. You do that so that there is one example of each color that isn't mixed with any other color. When you paint, the color in the first vertical line and the first horizontal line is the same. Similarly, the color in the second vertical line is the same as the color in the second horizontal line. As you continue in that way, the weaving will end up with each color crossing itself once, and crossing all the other colors once.
Now, is that as clear as mud? lol .... Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please feel free to let me know!


MagicMarkingsArt said...

Nancy ~ as they say ~ a picture is worth a thousand words :)
Thanks for the template idea ~ a great thing to have for student artists, and one that I will gladly pass on to them.

Lindart said...

Thanks! It wasn't what I had in my head! I'm going to try this! This would also be a great idea for people who like to draw in a grid.