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One of our wonderful daughters-in-law, besides many other things, is a Detroit Derby Girl roller derby skater.  She is just awesome and skates on two teams - The Pistol Whippers, and the Detroit Derby Girl travel team.  Saturday the travel team went to Cincinnati to skate in a bout against the Cincinnati Rollergirls.  My sweetie and I drove to Cinci Saturday morning; our Nashville son and his family met us there, as did Cool Whip (our skater's on-track name) and our other son.  We all stayed at the same hotel, which gave us a bit more time together.  Our two grandsons, Clyde who's 3 and Oliver who's almost 4 months old, also came.  We knew that the children wouldn't be able to stay for the whole thing, so the plan from the beginning was for my sweetie and I to leave with them and take them back to the hotel.  It was a night bout, which made it even more certain that we  would be taking them out. 

Well, both boys were over-tired, and the poor little darlings were just beside themselves in the car - sobbing loudly.  Back at the hotel we were able to calm them, settle them, and get them to bed, afterwhich, sweetie and I turned in ourselves.  The next morning we took the kids to breakfast (all the other adults, having had a rather late night, were still sleeping) and had a great time with them.  Later we were joined by the others and hung out together before we all departed for home.

Today I did a wee bit more on my pencil version of Dot Man.  Little by little he's coming together, but I still have a lot more to do with him.  So, here he is!

P.S.  The Detroit Derby Girls won handily!!!  THEY ROCK!!!!!


Vicki Holdwick said...

I'm liking him more and more, Nancy!

Glad to see you back online,


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Love the expression on this drawing and wow, so much roller derby! It must be more popular because I have met more and more women on teams lately. Brava for girl power!

Beach Cat ! said...

Beautiful shading. He is so real.

Anonymous said...

How would the world manage without grandparents!
Pleased to see Dot Man making another appearance - he's looking fine!

Sandra said...

Wow! what a busy weekend. The drawing is coming along nicely.

Ellen Burkett said...

Good work, Nancy! Keep up the good work!

Alex said...

His emotion is showing really well now =) Nice progress Nancy!