Lucky Me!

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Well, lucky me!! I recently won by random drawing 2 wonderful ATCs from Marva Plummer-Bruno. Visit her blog at for a real treat. Her drawings are wonderful - I've added her to my favorites list. Thanks again, Marva!

Now, there's another reason why I'm so lucky. On Thursday I picked up Ben, Sarah, and Clyde (my son, daughter-in-law, and 16 month old grandson) from the airport. They live in Nashville, so we don't get to see them nearly enough for my taste. They spent the night with us, and then on Friday they left to go to North Muskegon where Sarah's parents live, and then they were all going to the UP (as in Upper Peninsula) for a week long vacation in St. Ignace. Next Saturday I'll meet them in Lansing and they'll spend the night with us before we take them back to the airport to head for home.
Every time I see Clyde I'm so amazed at how much he's grown, learned and accomplished since I saw him last. He will put his toys away when asked, wipe up spills, he can put on his shoes (not always on the right feet, but we don't care for rambling around the house), and he plays really nicely with our old dog, Abby. He's beginning to talk, and of course, he's running all around. He's truly a joy to be with - fun, funny, affectionate, and very interesting, not to mention really, really cute! Ben and Sarah are most excellent parents. I love watching them with him, and it makes me so proud of them.
OK, I guess that's about enough touting the joys of being a grandmother, right? I'll try to use more self-restraint in the future! ..... but don't bet the farm on it. LOL


Leah said...

It is amazing how quickly kids develop!!

And congrats on winning the atcs!

Michelle Lopez said...

Thanks for your comment on my stencil work...and please don't apologize for being such a proud grandmother! I don't know where many young people would be these days without their grandmother's influence in their lives! (myself included)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment about my Queen Anne's Lace. It's always a pleasure to visit you blog. These ATCs are lovely.

Aurileide Alves said...

Hello there. Thanks for the visit you´ve done to my blog. Your comment was so nice to read! Your stuff is really inspiring, so trully, so real! Liked very much the "whimsical nothing" so called. Coloured they got meaning. That one we can´t explain, but only feel. Hope to see more drawnings from u soon. Hugs from Brazil.

Alex said...

Beautiful drawings! I am so happy with all the luck you're getting, I am desperate for some of those right now too actually :D

Alex said...

Thanks again for your comment. I really like the color-play, and it looks very good and zentangles are always so much for to look at, and I bet they're as much fun to do too ^^