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Well, she's been sitting for a long time waiting for a bit of attention.  Fortunately, she is a very patient woman.  So, today I picked up some pencils again and did a bit more on her.  I'm not going to tell you a fib..... the only reason I did it was because I left her so unfinished the last time she was here on the blog that I felt compelled to do Something for the poor thing.  That said, this is the last version.
It has a number of problems, but I have to say, she has perhaps the weirdest hairstyle I've ever seen.  I kid you not, that's what it looks like.  OK, not exactly ... the back of her head isn't in the picture, so you can't see what it does there.  I wonder how she did it!

So, without further ado, here she is:


Vicki Holdwick said...

Nice, Nancy,

I do think you are on a roll,


bettyfromtexas said...

I love the softness of the shading on her face, contrasted with the darkness of the background. And that hair . . . eccentric but cool!!

Jennifer Edwards said...

Yep...on a roll! Lovely eyes!

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

I cant remember, but is she from the Victorian time?.. And yes, I think its safe to say you're on a roll : )

Dan Kent said...

The other day I was wondering about you and now you're back! Welcome back! I like this - her face and especially the eyes are almost sculptural. And you are too hard on yourself about the hair, it looks fine.

kazumiwannabe said...

It's true her hair is special! But your linework on it is great. She's coming up nicely, she looks like a peaceful and determined person.
The mobile you made for the new baby is awesome, it's so lovely and fun, I can't stop smiling everytime I watch the photos : )!

Cathy Holtom said...

I think I remember this one, you've darkened the background? It's coming along fine and i wouldn't worry about the's called artistic licence!

Alex said...

Looks awesome! =)

Unknown said...

Hello Nancy,
What a lovely drawing.
Beautiful light and the eyes are great. I don't think the hair is at all strange.
Overall, this is a wonderful drawing Nancy.
Oh...and it looks like we all agree You Are On A Roll.

Unknown said...

You did great!! Her eyes look fantastic!