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Ok, so as it turns out, the mobile wasn't quite finished.  I did add more shells to it (1 on each side of the shells already there, but on shorter strings so they hang closer to the blue ring), and I also did a satin stitch across the mouth of the blowfish.   Some of you may remember that I wasn't quite satisfied with that fish, especially the mouth.  The pieces just wouldn't cooperate with me and the points of the seams near the mouth  didn't suit my fancy.  So today I did a bit more tweaking.  I satin-stitched across the mouth and went over the offending seams.  I think it's much improved - the fish likes it too, because now it has lips!

On another topic, tomorrow our dog, Abby and I are going to visit the father of my friend, Judy.  He lives in Howell Medilodge (or maybe it's called Medilodge of Howell), but either way, that's where we'll be.  We've been wanting to do this for quite some time, but for one reason or another it just hasn't happened yet.  Abby insisted on having a bath today in order to  look her very best. (Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration - what really happened is that as I was getting things ready in the bathroom, she wandered in to be with me and I shut the door behind her.  She looked horrified, suspecting what was coming, and then when I took off her collar, she just drooped and looked really, really sad.)  But she's a good old girl, behaved very nicely in the tub, and as always when I give her a bath, didn't shake until I had her out of the tub and completely covered with towels.  She sat very still while I blew her dry, then looked really happy when she got her well-deserved cookie .

I did a  quick drawing while I waited for Judy in a restaurant today, so I'll post it since I don't have any other work to show you.  So here's Abby, the fish, and the sketch.


Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Nancy,

Abby looks so very pretty all cleaned up. And I like the fish mouth.

Nice sketch too!


Sandy in Michigan said...

Nancy, Oh my gosh! Abby is so cute. I had two Springers in the past and they were real characters. Your mobile just keeps improving. So, is it really done this time?

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Oh Abby, is just too cute... Love ho wher greys have come in around her eyes, so cute.
And the fish looks good too, must feel great to have it finally done : )

Alex said...

Cute doggy! I was thinking fondly of having a dog too... I love Golden Retrievers but I don't like their sizes...too big.
I love the sketch and the fish is adorable as well!

Barbara said...

I want your dog!

martinepittet said...

I love the sweet look on Abby's face: she does look proud too !
Your fish is really nice now, you've done a great job with your mobile !
Call it finished ?

Pelusa said...

Love all three of them! Abby looks like a really good and nice girl; the fish looks cute (I think now is a 'she' fish with her lips on pink), and the sketch is great!

Cathy Holtom said...

Both the fish and Abby look as if they really want to say something.
What a sweet dog!

Unknown said...

Abby is adorable! I love spaniels and their sweet, sweet eyes! (okay, maybe I'm partial...I had a cocker for my last dog!) Love the fish lips; looks happy! And your sketch, in public, is just wonderful!