The Garden Gnome and Habits

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Well, I got some really cute pictures of CC in his costume from his dad, Ben (our son), and because I'm a bit squeemish about posting CC's picture on the internet, I'm posting one where you can see part, but not all of him.  Even though you can't see his face in this picture, I think he looks just like a Gnome happened upon by a giant (the giant being Ben in his "early 1900s" costume).  So, without further adieu, here they are!

You can see a bit of his beard in this one, his furry boots, hat and belt, but not the little pouch on the front for holding his gold pieces .... or whatever it is that
 Gnomes carry in their pouches!

Today is November 1, and I'm going to try really hard to get back to my habit of completing a piece every day.    I did well for a very long time, then just fell off the wagon.  I find myself falling off wagons with some regularity.  Let's see, I've fallen off the meditation wagon, the exercise wagon, the clean-one-room-a-day wagon, and the complete-a- piece-of-work-a-day wagon, just to name a few.  I find that if I put a teensy sticker on the wall calendar in my studio each time I do the thing I'm trying to accomplish, for some weird reason, it helps keep me motivated to keep going.  May calendar is singularly devoid of stickers, and has been that way for far too long.  So, back to stickers and art.  For today I did a modest page in my journal.  I was pretty pooped after having mowed the lawn (about 2 acres), discovered that our spare refrigerator died so I had to save what food I could, toss the rest, clean it out, and cook dinner.  My sweetie was working hard too, so we're both a tad washed out.  Since I couldn't very well punk out the very first day of my new resolution, I allowed myself to keep it simple.  See you soon!  


Sam said...

Great start :-) And *cute* gnome!

Meredith said...

Wow... I think you had such a tough day (2 acres and a dead fridge -- seriously??) that just not giving up completely should net you several stars.

Congratulations on the beautiful art journal page. I have similar questions in my mind. After a big relocation, I've lost four good habits in just about 9 months, which were so hard to build initially and which I would have said were keystones to my life and sanity. This week I've begun (baby steps) to rebuild *one* -- and it's so hard!

Glad to have discovered you through AEDM :)

Alex said...

What a cute Gnome! :) And about the right size too ^^
I am sorry to hear about you jumping off the wagons. I am sure there are times that we just don't feel like doing just about absolutely anything at all (I believe you told me that too). Just give it some time, I am sure it'll come back. Passion is a passion, sometimes the fire is put off, but no matter what happens the fuel will always be there, and when the right time comes, something/someone will create a spark, ignite the flame, and once again it'll illuminate your spaces ^^ Good luck Nancy!

Anonymous said...

oh Nancy, I can not believe you got a little guy to put on a beard! and boyohboy do I feel for your "bad habits hard to break and good ones hard to keep"! Universal Truths, right? Thanks for the smiles :)

Anonymous said...

Well- it's nice to know I'm not the only one who comes up with these continual resolutions to do ALL of these things every day, in every way, in being all things to all people, ... OPPS got off the track there.... Your art looks wonderful! And I think it's OK to not meet every resolution you make because some of them just don't make sense in the entire scope of things. Sometimes when I don't meet my own set of resolutions (believe me, I come up with some doozies) I resolve to think a positive thought or find the beauty in a common object- that way I satisfy my need to "do" something creative and not feel I've let myself down.
Just my little preaching for today! Maybe I'll try your sticker idea.... But that feels like such a commitment... since I already have a calendar of events by the phone, a dry erase board on the fridge, a box of index "to do" cards on my desk, and a husband who leaves reminders on a note pad... what was I talking about?
Have a great day! And thanks for the smiles!!

Ramona Davidson said...

Very ornate and gorgeous page to be called simple. Love the colors and style.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments.
The little gnome outfit you made for your little grandson looks like it's a great fit....nicely done!
Your newest journal page hits home, for sure. The only thing we can do, is pick ourselves up...brush ourselves off...and start again. :)
By the way...your first attempt to paint a picture with acrylics reminds me of the far east...not "warty" at all!