Abby and an Anniversary

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Today is our 35th wedding anniversary! We celebrated yesterday by going to dinner to a restaurant we love in Chelsea called The Common Grill. There's nothing common about the food. I had a wonderful goat cheese ravioli with a delicious sauce with large chunks of lobster in it. My sweetie had a stuffed chicken breast that looked wonderful. We shared a dessert of some sort of warm, crispy, chocolate affair with candied pecans as a garnish.
When we came home, we sat on the porch and I did a quick sketch of Abby, our special spaniel. (She tells us constantly just how special she is). She's very sweet and laid back, great with children of all ages, and most agreeable. I love her dearly.
Soon I'll be leaving to join up with my friend Vicki, for a day of roaming around checking out second hand shops and who knows what else! It's always a fine time and we'll also have a spot of lunch somewhere. So, until the next time, I hope your day is filled with moments of pleasure, joy, and gratitude. nancy


Danielle Combs said...

Happy (Belated) Anniversary! Sounds like you had a YUMMY time!

Sweet sketch, too!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Alex said...

Congratulations Nancy! 35 years is not a small number but I wish you many many more to come :)
The dinner sounds mouth-watering! I would have brought my camera along and took some pictures and post them on the blog just to make people drool all over ^^
The sketch of Abby surely is cute. I'd like to have a dog someday too, but first I need to have my own place, and I have to be sure that the dog will be well taken care of, until then I could only share by looking at others' dogs :)

Vicki Holdwick said...

Happy Anniversary, Nancy & Michael!

Nancy, did you get married at 5 years old??

Don't you just love The Common Grill. We haven't been there in a long time, but we love it.

I have a lot to show you when you arrive and then we'll be off exploring.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

that is such a cute drawing

Ann said...

Abby is special! That's a wonderful sketch. And Happy Anniversary!!

Unknown said...

I wish I had more sketches of my dog, who sadly is now passed. You'll treasure these some day. (though, I hope not ANY time soon!)

Lovely sketch. I love that you've captured the background and have shown one of her pastimes!

Dan Kent said...

I love the tender and solitary feel of the sketch. Happy anniversary!

Sloane's Creations said...

We just celebrated our 4th anniversary...any advice on making it to 35 would be helpful! :o)
I should sketch my pups also, since they are always around showing me how special they are too! LOL

Doug Fireman said...

Hi Nancy.

Mazel Tov on your 35th anniversary!

For me,
your sketch of little Abby
exudes such love
and tenderness...

Cheers, Doug

Julie said...

I love the peaceful feeling of the sketch.

Leah said...

Happy, happy anniversary!! 35 years is something to celebrate! :-)

Gary said...

What a nice sketch of your dog. We have a spaniel that has a world of personality. Happy anniversary!

Art is for the Making said...

Happy anniversary! (I love roaming around second-hand shops too.)
Nice sketch of your spaniel! You captured her pose well.