Gettin' There

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Today I finished painting my friend's apartment. Well, she refers to it as "painting her apartment", but what I really did was paint 2 bedrooms and was very happy to be able to help her with her move. I'll go back Wednesday to do some touch-up, but for the most part, it's done.

I also finished baking all the cookies for the party that my son and daughter-in-law gave for her sister. It was a surprise party on Saturday, the weather was wonderful (even tho rain and thunderstorms were predicted), and we had a really good time. I made Spritz cookies, oatmeal/date cookies, brownies, chocolate chip, lemon bars, Norwegian almond bars, "no-fuss" bars (graham cracker crumbs, coconut, mini choc. chips, nuts, and sweetened condensed milk) and peach bars that had coconut in them. There were some left over - enough for Carrie's (my dil) sister-in-law who is due any day now with their second baby, to take home and enjoy, which made me very happy. There was a bonfire, great food, fun and interesting people, and best of all, Carrie's sister Lauren, whom the surprise party was for, was totally unsuspecting and surprised.

I have a new computer (which I'm using as I speak), but it doesn't have everything installed yet (including my email add. book, which is Most Inconvenient), but I love it. It's a Mac (so was my old one), and has a giant screen, no hard drive box, wireless mouse and wireless keyboard! I'm really excited about it.

Since I've been sort of busy lately with non-art things, I'm posting a Zentangle that I did in my last-year's journal. ...... I have to save this post and try to do the download using my sweetie's scanner and computer because we haven't figured out yet how to get my scanner to work with this new baby. He's been really busy, too (right now he's trying to balance the checkbook which I've screwed up yet again .... I try really hard, but every month there are several (or 1 big one) deductions that aren't recorded. He's so sweet about it - never gets mad or anything - I don't know how he does it month after month. I can't tell you how lucky I am. .... This month I made about $1,000 worth of mistakes. Not my all-time high, but getting close.

So, anyhow, assuming I'll be able to use his equipment (with his help), here's the Zentangle. Until next time!


Vicki Holdwick said...

Really like your fish!

I really should try a zentangle one of these days.


Leah said...

great zentangle! love the synchronicity, i was just over at shannan's blog leaving a comment about her fish picture (hers was a photo.) :-)

FitFoodieMegha said...

Great one! I love your blog. The template is very nice!

Pencil Sketch: Rajasthani Man playing flute

Julie said...

Pretty zentangle, good luck with your new computer.

Alex said...

Zentangle fish is awesome! :) I've been called "Goldfish" during my days in school because of my huge eyes(for an asian at least) so I like to see small fishes(anything bigger than me becomes my phobia)
Thank you Nancy again for your comment, and encouragement. I do try, and I just love doing what I do. But words do help in the motivation department, because otherwise I don't think I'd be able to draw as frequent as once a week.

Kelly said...

Great zentangle fish! I have just finished a few zentangle shoes on my site. Let me know if you have time what you think.

Timaree said...

You do have a sweetie. Mine has gotten mad over a $1 error! Now he takes care of the check book as I do my stuff online and when there is an error it's his and I just say so!

I've baked all those cookies you mentioned except for the peach ones. That's a new one for me.

Love your zentangle. The few I've done haven't turned out near so nice. Still, they are relaxing.