Last 3 ATCs

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I've finally finished all 9 ATCs for the Canadian exhibit! All three were done on black cardstock. The one on the top has a stencil design made with 101 Light Artist's Cement by USArtQuest. I added gold PearlEx to it before applying it to the stencil with a palette knife. When it dried, I painted over it with MicaColor Sparkle Gold from the Interference palette (also by USArtQuest). Then I embossed the butterflies with gold embossing powder and colored them in using Gel Xtreme metallic markers by Yasutomo. Last I used double-sided tape around the edges and covered it with Leaf Metal flakes by Eberhard Faber.

The card on the bottom left is painted with MicaColor paints using a variety of colors from different palettes. I put a few lines down using a white pencil before I started painting so I had something to go by.

The last card is embroidered using Guttermann Machine Embroidery thread and a pattern I got from the book "Basics of Embroidery on Paper" by Erica Fortgens. When I had finished sewing the card, I glued another piece of black cardstock to the back to cover up all the threads. The instructions in the book said to use adhesive tape to secure the thread ends, but that didn't seem like it would hold for long, so I glued all of them down with a bit of Aleene's Tacky Glue.

So, now I can get back to drawing plants from the gardens and yard!


Rhonda L. Cooper said...

These are nice. I love the black background, it sets the designs off so well. My favorite is the flowers tied with a ribbon. Great Job!

Gary said...

Thanks for the detailed description of your materials and process. I feel as I have learned a few things here!

Vicki Holdwick said...

Wow, Nancy,

You just get better and better. These are delicious - well I am not planning on eating them, but they are great eye candy!


Florence's Art said...

Those have come out really nice. I like the look on the black back ground.

Alex said...

Absolutely priceless collection I'd say, each is unique and blended with elegance and detailed touch... there's always something special about colors on dark background, it's just so striking!

Thank you Nancy for your comments ^^ I'd take back the word "lazy" and replace with "impatient" instead.. I was rushing a bit and there were mistakes all over...hahaha.

Anonymous said...


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