Fifty fits

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Well, I've been fighting with my computer for most of the afternoon, and I'm not sure yet who won. It's given me fifty fits, but I think I'm at the point where I can at least give it a go to show you my latest piece. I finished it today - it's an ATC done in pencil. I've named it Child Bride because it was inspired by a photo of my great aunt who married my uncle Leonard when she was 14.

He ran away to Canada when he was too young to join the Army in this country, but in Canada he could lie about his age and get in. He fought in WW I and ended up with multiple wounds. Maggie (that's what he called her, but we all called her Sis) was madly in love with him, married him behind her parent's back, then he went back to his boarding house and she went home! That went on for several weeks, and then he finally told her he thought it was time to tell them. As she sat playing the pump organ, back to the room, tears running down her face, she told her father what she had done. He softly said, "Sissy, he's your husband and you have to go live with him." That made her cry even harder. She was afraid to leave home for one thing, and the thought of going to live in a boarding house was never in the picture for her. Since the boarding house was strictly for men, she had to sneak in for a short while until they found someplace they could afford to live. Then they really did live happily ever after .... they were married for about 45 years before he died.


Vicki Holdwick said...

Oh, Nancy,

This is really beautiful!


Judy DiBello said...

You are so gifted!! Great Job!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your site and all the pretty colors in the boarder. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!
And your art work is GREAT as always!
Wonderful Blog and I am so PROUD OF YOU!
Love, Kathy

Focus_ret said...

Nice blog. Very cheery and spring like.

Yun Hui Kelsey said...

Hi, I found you through Creative Everyday. I just want to tell you that you did a good job on this drawing. And thanks for sharing the story behind the drawing. It's very moving!

suessketchblog said...

Lovely drawing and lovely story