CC's Halloween Costume

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When my sons were little, Halloween was a really big deal at our house. I made all their costumes (until they were older and wanted to put their own costumes together). We had pirates, bumble bees, lions, aliens, wizards .... well, all sorts of things (one year one of them was a bag of candy!). So now I'm a grandmother, and my grandson is 18 months old, so I'm making his second costume. This year his parents decided he should be a garden gnome. I started making it yesterday and I decided that I would make the "fur" boots first. I thought they might be the most complicated part of the costume. Today I finished them. They were a bit tricky, but I think they turned out just fine. The big thing will be if they fit him. I'm in Michigan, and they live in Tennessee. Even though I have all his measurements, it's always better to be able to try things on before the final stitching is done.
I thought I'd just post some pictures as I go along just to keep up with things. Besides the boots, I will make pants, a shirt, belt, hat, and a little drawstring bag to hang on the belt. I think I should put some of those chocolate candies in the bag that look like gold coins ... what do you think? He will also need a beard, which I may or may not make. The beard has become the biggest challenge, but I'll figure something out. So, here are the boots!


Beachstudio said...

A Garden Gnome! How wonderful... so cute and fun an idea. I will be looking for further developments right up to the final project... with the baby included.

cheers and boo!

Vicki Holdwick said...

If the rest of the costume is as cute as the boots, it is sure to be a hit.

Your creativity/talent never ceases to amaze me.


Rsanchi said...

Love the costume so far. Keep sharing as it develops, please. A note on the beard- remember the book "Gnomes" by Poorvliet and Hyugen? Gnomes start out young and beardless. I'd probably go with that idea instead of struggling with a toddler to wear a fake one.. Once you get the boots, jacket and a red cap on him, everyone will know exactly who he is. I can't wait to see this done!

Tammy Freiborg said...

Fantastic, GRANDmother! Be sure to let us see the complete young garden gnome.

Leah said...

Oh my goodness! I'm already loving this costume! You are so talented! I always thought costume creation was such a creative and brilliant way to create. I look forward to seeing the finished product!

Alex said...

Garden Gnome sounds FUN!!!!! And those boots are looking good for walking I must say :)
I've never celebrated Halloween before because it's too costly for my parents, and we aren't even Christians you see.
But Tanna said we must do something next year so that she could dress me up in 'something' and we just go out and have a fun and silly night with all our friends.
THanks Nancy for your compliments and encouragement. I know you think that I am just being modest, but I know that I need to improve myself all the time, and things could be better... but your words did help in the motivation department, and I'll go a little easy on myself ;)