Self Portrait

3/29/2009 10:48:00 AM Edit This 1 Comment »
So, my friend said I should draw a picture of myself to use in the "About Me" info. What an assignment! I ended up with a drawing that is sort of a reasonable facsimile, but I got really tired of working on it, so I just decided to post it anyway. I find it much easier to draw someone else than myself. We never really see ourselves the way others see us. For example, I look much older "in the flesh" than I do in the drawing. I just couldn't get it right - maybe due to wishful thinking? We travel around looking out at the world from inside these "packages" we live in, unable to see what we really look like. When we see ourselves in the mirror, it is through eyes that already "know" what we look like, and that's what we tend to see. By drawing one's own portrait, we are forced to see our faces in an entirely different way - trying to see as an artist rather than just looking at it in a "business as usual" way. It's quite an eye-opener, so to speak!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I love reading what you write. You are so cool!
And your drawing Well, you are Much younger and much prettier!
I love your hair clip though!
Love you, Kathy